The 19 Best Makeup Brushes to Level Up Every Part of Your Beauty Routine

The 19 Best Makeup Brushes to Level Up Every Part of Your Beauty Routine

The greatest beauty brushes are your secret weapons to a faultless finish when it comes to stippling on foundation, flicking out a sharp cat eye, or naturally enhancing cheekbones. Sure, your fingers can do part of the work, but professional tools make all the difference (not to mention, utilising brushes is more sanitary—as long as you clean them correctly). With so many alternatives available, it might be difficult to choose which type you require. Assessing the degree of face painting you want to undertake on a regular basis is an excellent place to start. Those who want fuller appearances or who are always experimenting may benefit from investing in a professional set. Meanwhile, newcomers who want to get started quickly should start with frugal.

Lets have a look at this list below:


1. The Loose Powder Brush by Kevyn Aucoin

 The Loose Powder Brush by Kevyn Aucoin is thick but fluffy, making it ideal for scooping up and evenly applying messy powders. Aside from its even application, we adore that the goat hair bristles of this glamyourbeauty Best of Beauty 2022-winning brush are soft and soothing for easily-irritated skin.

2. Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

Look no farther than the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush for an all-around face blush that’s fantastic for setting powder, bronzer, and blush. “It’s large enough for all-over powdering but tiny enough for a healthy glow with blush,” explains makeup artist Georgina Graham. Consider this tool to be the cosmetics equivalent of Goldilocks.

3. Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Duo 

The bouncy gel blender that gives a fingertip-like application effect for tapping on liquid and cushion compact formulations distinguishes the Best of Beauty Award-winning Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Duo from regular complexion brushes (and makeup sponges, for that matter). It will assist you in keeping your hands away from your face, maintaining a more sanitary cosmetic regimen, and achieving a skin-like finish.

This two-in-one brush also includes a fire-engine-red, fluffy brush for sweeping powder formulations. It appears fluffy, yet the centre is made up of firmly packed bristles that ensure products are applied evenly and flawlessly.

4. Merit Brush No. 1 

Merit Brush No. 1 quickly captivated the hearts of the glamyourbeauty crew, earning it a 2021 Best of Beauty Award. This beauty brush boasts tightly packed, vegan bristles that flawlessly buff liquid complexion products — no streaks or cakiness here — and is gently slanted to meet the contours of your individual skin.

5. Real Techniques Setting Brush

Susie Sobol, a makeup artist, prefers the Real Techniques Setting Brush for more accurate application of loose powder, particularly beneath the eyes and around the nose. “I never use a huge powder brush because it pulls shine away from where I want to maintain it,” she says.

6. Ta Major Sculpt Contour Brush

Sculpt your cheekbones to perfection with the glamyourbeauty Best of Beauty-winning Patrick Ta Major Sculpt Contour Brush, which was named to the list in 2021 and 2022. It has fan-like, synthetic bristles that provide a delicate, diffused effect without sharp or apparent lines. Patrick Ta previously said, “I stamp it on the end of my cheekbones at the hairline and glide it down to the sides of my chin.”

This brush is ideal for all powder and cream formulations when teamed with the brand’s complementing, Best of Beauty-winning Major Sculpt Creme Contour & Powder Bronzer Duos (available in three hues).


7. BareMinerals Supreme Finisher Brush 

The Best of Beauty Award-winning BareMinerals Supreme Finisher Brush guarantees the warm colour outlines your face without blotchiness or muddiness after being dipped in the appropriate bronzer shade. You’ll be left with a smooth, natural-looking glow.

8. Chanel’s Blush Brush N°110

Daphne Chantell del Rosario, a cosmetic artist based in Los Angeles, says her favourite blush brush is Chanel’s Blush Brush N°110, which she describes as “the right form for the apples of your cheeks.” This fluffy marvel is great for powder and cream formulae that want to seem flushed from within.

9. Surratt Artistique Highlight Brush

The Surratt Artistique Highlight Brush is dubbed “the Tesla of cosmetic brushes” by makeup artist Fiona Stiles because “it’s so sleek and wonderfully thought out [and] the balance [between] the handle and the brush head is flawless.” That’s very high praise, and you’ll agree with her after you’ve experienced the amazingly soft bristles that beautifully and evenly apply blush, highlighter, and contour for yourself.

10. F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter Brush

Carissa Ferreri, a makeup artist, utilises Sigma Beauty’s Best of Beauty-winning F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter Brush for two major functions. It’s great for highlighter, as the name implies, but she also uses it for “contouring the hollows of the cheek and around the perimeter of the face,” she says. “The bristles are both fluffy and strong, making it great for depositing colour and blending.”

 11. Jane Iredale’s Detail Brush

Ma’s brush collection also includes Jane Iredale’s Detail Brush. She describes the precision tip as having “dense and small bristles, making it great for spot-concealing,” and synthetic brushes in general perform well with cream products.

 12. IT Cosmetics’ Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush

Dual-ended brushes are especially useful for travel-friendly beauty kits, as why let your brushes take up valuable space in your already-overstuffed luggage? IT Cosmetics’ Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7 has super-soft bristles that “make [foundation and concealer] application a genuine breeze,” according to Henney.

 13. The Player 3-Way Brow Brush

Best of Beauty winner Beautyblender The Player 3-Way Brow Brush is the be-all and end-all of brow and lash grooming tools. This vegan multifunctional tool has a stiff-angled tip for accurate application of powders, creams, gels, and waxes, as well as a spooley to brush through brows. But what makes this brush unique is the built-in pink comb that ensures your lashes stay parted and defined after you’ve applied mascara.

14. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12’s spoolie side tames even the most unruly brow hairs, allowing you to smooth them down into defined arches. The angled brush on the other end of this Best of Beauty Award winner effortlessly deposits colour to fill up deficient areas.

15. MAC’s 217 Synthetic Blending Brush

Ma advises a fluffy brush for hooded eyelids, such as MAC’s 217 Synthetic Blending Brush, since it “gives a flawless, seamless blending job.” However, as she points out, the brush remains rather narrow and tiny, fitting nicely into the precise wrinkles of hooded eyelids.

16. Spectrum x KJH #22

While this brush (third from the left) is only available in an 11-piece brush set, it is well worth your money. Spectrum x KJH #22 is a favourite of Florida-based makeup artist Lennie Billy for graphic liner designs or a traditional cat-eye. “I adore a thin and soft brush that allows [for] effortless movement while drawing lines,” she says, referring to both the finer and thicker sides of the range.


17. Bobbi Brown Eye Contour Brush

Wendy Rowe, a cosmetic artist, recommends the Bobbi Brown Eye Contour Brush for putting eye shadow in the socket line of the eye. “The form of the brush makes it especially ideal for blending effortlessly and evenly,” the angled head explains.

18. Laura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush

“The Laura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush is designed for powder, but I use it for cream,” says makeup artist Nick Barose. This flat, oval-shaped brush is the size of your ring finger, but according to Barose, “you should never use your finger to apply concealer beneath your eyes [because] it gets floppy and cakey.” To summarise, this is an excellent alternative.

 19. Sonia Kashuk’s Retractable 2-in-1 Lip Makeup Brush

If you want polished, ultra-clean lines, consider using a lip brush to ensure you define your lips to the maximum. Sonia Kashuk’s cruelty-free, under-$10 cosmetics Retractable The 2-in-1 Lip Makeup Brush includes a tapered, precision brush for delicate lip contouring, as well as a denser, flat-top end for shading in the whole lip region with an intense blast of colour.


What makeup brush is the most important?

Blending makeup brush is one that everyone should include in their beauty routine, which will make their life easy. Eye shadow brush is also very important. 

Which brush is best for applying foundation?

A flat brush is the best option for applying foundation with full coverage.

How many makeup brushes do I need?

If you are a beginner, you can have 3-4 makeup brushes.

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