15 college clothing essentials

15 College Clothing Essentials

Packing for college might be just as stressful as applying. What should you bring? What do you want to leave behind? What should you purchase? Before you spend your money on new clothing, take a look at our list of the necessities you’ll need to survive your freshman year.

To be honest, you will not require as much as you believe. Carrying too many clothes may be bothersome since they just sit in the closet and take up room but are seldom worn. To assist you, here are some of the essential items for your college outfit.

  1. Jeans (include high-waist jeans as well!)

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that should go without saying. You need a solid pair of jeans no matter your age or where you’re going. During your freshman year, you will most likely wear jeans every day. Pack at least four pairs of comfortable, well-fitting jeans. You should choose them with your body form in mind. Any jeans that you no longer wear should be stored at home. It is recommended to invest in dark-washed jeans, but you can wear whichever hue makes you feel the most comfortable. Carry high-waisted jeans that can be worn with a crop top, that is a must have outfit these days!

  1. Leggings

Leggings are the next best thing to have in your college outfit. If you wore jeans for the majority of your first year, you will wear leggings every day of your senior year. Leggings are the one item you cannot live without. You must have at least two pairs for college. They are flexible and may be worn with anything to complete a style. Wear anything that is long enough to cover them. There are several options available to you. Spend money on basic leggings, tights, and patterns.

  1. Professional attire

This might be a single garment, and regardless of what or where you are studying, you must get a professional outfit. When attending an interview or internship, it is critical to present yourself as a professional. You never know when you’ll need to dress properly, and as a freshman, you could be required to attend a networking event or a conference. For the big day at college, wear a white button-up and decent jeans.

  1. Basic tops

Fill your closet with simple, comfy shirts. You may have them in solid colours or pick prints. These tees are simple to dress and may be matched with any denim of your choosing. To finish the appearance, simply layer a jacket over the outfit. You will not be excited to get out of bed and dress stylishly every day at college. There will be late evenings and lengthy work days. This is when you just want to throw on a simple blouse and pants and go to class. The tops may be worn to the gym, to the grocery store, or on a casual day.

  1. Sweatshirts

If you don’t have a few of sweatshirts to throw on when the weather turns cool, your college outfit is incomplete. A sweatshirt and leggings combo is the most comfortable to wear to class. Sweatshirts are great for lounging about at college since they are so comfy. You may even wear them late at night to the library to study. You have hundreds of alternatives to pick from. What matters is that you pick clothing that complements your unique style and comfort. For example, if you enjoy gothic style apparel, you will discover various alternatives with spooky and expressive from labels like Mythical Goods and Creatures, and if you favour modern clothes, shops like FIGS provide sweatshirts that will correspond with your taste.

  1. Crop tops

You won’t understand the significance of a crop top until you get to college and see everyone wearing them on weekends. Many individuals are concerned about showing off their stomach, but crop tops may also be worn conservatively. The simplest way to wear the crop top is with high-waisted denim. Wear them with shorts for a more casual appearance or with a skirt for a night out. There are crop tops that are both fashionable and comfy.

  1. An all day item (All in one outfit)

You never know when a college event will be scheduled. Things go quickly in college. There may be days when you have a class and others when you have meetings, homework, and courses. After that, you might have to go to a friend’s party and won’t have time to change. This is where an all-day item might come in handy. It is a good idea to keep at least one such item in your closet for such times. You’re done when you go from flats to heels. It might be a basic romper or a multipurpose garment suitable for any occasion. Simply change your footwear and add an item, and you’re set to go.

  1. Sweaters

The sweaters you bring to college will vary depending on your style, but they are still a must-have for any outfit. It won’t hurt to have a couple sweaters on hand in case you end up looking sloppy in your dorm room. Simple sweaters are ideal for dorm room gatherings. Invest yourself an expensive sweater that you can layer over dresses while you’re out late partying. You never trust the winters, hence sweaters are a must have in your wardrobe.

  1. Jackets

You’ll need at least one jacket for winter and fall, in addition to sweaters and cardigans. You could want to get a cheaper jacket so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Don’t overpay for the jacket so you’re not disappointed if you lose it. Choose a neutral or a colour that you wear frequently so that it does not conflict with your clothing.

  1. Tights

Black opaque tights are a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe. It should be in everyone’s wardrobe, regardless of age. For an autumn or spring style, match the tights with a gorgeous cardigan, a skirt, or some boots. In the winter, you may layer tights under your jeans for extra warmth, or pack a pair of fleece-lined tights to wear with skirts and dresses. You can wear it for your workouts too!

  1. Cute dresses

When you attend to parties, a couple stunning clothes are must have! Aside from the essential little black dress, you should keep a couple outfits on hand in case you go to someone’s place or for dinner. There are several possibilities for high-quality outfits. The adorable gowns will come in useful for everything from dorm parties to birthdays. You may wear them anyway you like, with a jacket, tights, or accessories.

  1. Cross body bag

As you begin college, you will find that a tiny cross-body bag is an absolute must. It can store anything, from keys to cash, a phone, and a student ID. You won’t have to go through the hassle of fumbling around looking for something. You may bring the bag with you while you are rushing to class or going out to a weekend party. The multi-purpose bag will be your go-to for everything. Choose a purse in a neutral colour so you may wear it with everything.

  1. Statement Coat

In a striking coat, you can seem put-together. You can appear smart and elegant with a striking coat in no time if you wear casual clothing beneath. Choose a beautiful coat that will last for years and will be your go-to anytime you want to appear feminine and traditional.

  1. Pyjamas

We now appreciate the significance of pyjamas in our wardrobe after spending the majority of our time in them. Our workday outfits resemble pyjamas, so why not take a night break from sweats and dress up in gorgeous PJs for bed? There are various adorable and elegant pajamas available online.

  1. Well-fitting skirt

The traditional skirt has long been ignored. You can’t dispute that it’s an investment piece, and if you start wearing it frequently, it won’t leave your closet. There are new variants every season, and the skirt will never go out of style.

These are the top 15 items you must have in your college outfit. These are a few trendy investment pieces that will last you throughout college. Pair them just as you want them and enjoy some of your most significant years.

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