Sustainable Clothing Brands

Sustainable Clothing Brands

Consumers are increasingly thinking about sustainability and sustainable clothing brands, especially as we reevaluate how everything from the food we eat to the beauty items we use on our skin is created.

Fashion, which unfortunately contributes significantly to the massive surplus garbage in landfills and harmful fossil fuel emissions brought on by factory manufacturing over the years, needs a fundamental paradigm shift. Fortunately, there are a lot of eco-friendly clothing companies working to undo the harm already done and bring about constructive change for the industry as a whole.

It’s crucial to think about the materials, manufacturing techniques, and factories that businesses employ when attempting to add more environmentally friendly fashions to your closet. In order to help you shop more carefully in the future, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite sustainable apparel brands.

Sustainable Fashion in Simple Words

The primary distinction between fast and sustainable fashion is the amount of waste produced by each. Sustainable fashion reduces waste by producing higher-quality clothing. Less waste means lesser carbon emissions and less water pollution during production.

“fast fashion” Is intended for short-term use and describes clothing that is made inexpensively. “sustainable fashion” is exactly opposite and is generally referred to as “slow fashion.”

Sustainable or Ethical fashion is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the environmental impact of their clothing. Sustainable clothing companies are those that consider the entire life span of their garments, from material sourcing to final product disposal.

These brands frequently use environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton or bamboo, as well as eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Sustainable clothing brands are also typically committed to social responsibility, making sure that their employees are fairly compensated and treated well. As more consumers seek out environmentally friendly options, sustainable clothing labels are sure to gain popularity. 

10 Sustainable Clothing Brands : To Buy Now and Wear For The Rest Of Your Life

1. Patagonia: Respecting The Environment

Patagonia has long been one of the top sustainable clothing brands thanks to its Respect Our Environment (RISE) initiative, which encourages people to protect their environment. It also runs an annual Worn Wear campaign where it accepts used Patagonia garments and recycles them into new products. Patagonia has also been a pioneer in using recycled and biodegradable materials in its clothing. For example, its Nature-Sourced line of fabrics is made from 80% organic materials that are designed to biodegrade in just five years. In addition to its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its clothing, Patagonia also strives to support and empower people who make its clothing. In fact, 96% of all its product teams are made up of employees who are also members of local unions.

2. Tencel: Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Tencel is a special type of fibre that is extremely eco-friendly. It’s made from the bark of trees which is then processed with a completely chemical-free process. This means that no harmful chemicals are used to create the fabric, making it 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Tencel has become a bit of a go-to fabric when it comes to sustainable clothing brands, as it’s used by many top designers such as Stella McCartney, Adidas, and many more. If you’re looking to buy sustainable clothing brands that use Tencel, you’ll notice that many of them will advertise themselves as “Eco-Fabrics.” This is because Tencel is trademarked and only approved brands are allowed to call their clothing “Eco-fabrics.”

3. Edun: Sustainable Fashion By Women, For Women

Fashion designer and founder of Edun, Ali Hewson, has been a leader in sustainable fashion for many years. Her brand only uses organic cotton that is grown and milled in Africa, which is a rare practice in the industry. Edun also uses recycled and renewable materials such as recycled plastic bottles in its packaging and recycled paper in its catalogues. When it comes to the sourcing of fabrics, Edun makes sure that all of its cotton is ethically sourced by paying a premium price to the farm owners. It also has a special program called the Edun Trust, which is an initiative that supports women’s cooperatives in Africa. For every garment that is purchased, Edun donates an amount to the Trust to help create employment opportunities.


Zara is one of the world’s most popular fashion brands, and there’s no doubt that many of its customers are looking for sustainable clothing brands. The good news is that Zara is one of the most eco-friendly fashion labels out there. The company uses a ton of organic cotton for its clothing, and has even switched its entire supply chain to using organic cottons. Zara also uses energy-efficient LED lighting in its stores, and since 2016, it has used recycled water in its washing process. In short, Zara is a great option if you’re looking for sustainable clothing brands that have taken a holistic approach to caring for the environment.

5. Spirit

If you’re looking for sustainable clothing brands that go above and beyond when it comes to caring for the environment, Spirit is a great option. It has made it a mission to create the most environmentally-friendly clothing possible by using renewable energy, 100% recycled water, and biodegradable fabrics. When it comes to its clothing, Spirit uses a wide range of eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled PET fabrics. It also strives to reduce the amount of waste that is produced in the making of its clothing by using eco-friendly dyes and reducing the amount of water used to create the garments.


Swedish fashion giant H&M has long been an eco-friendly leader in the fashion industry, and it’s one of the best sustainable clothing brands. The company has set itself the goal of being completely sustainable by 2030 and has made many big moves towards achieving this. It has reduced the amount of virgin fibres it uses, and has completely eliminated the use of organic cotton in its clothing. Instead, H&M has made a commitment to using 100% recycled materials and has even created a new fabric called H&M Bio-organic that is made from recycled materials. H&M has also switched to being 100% renewable energy and by 2021, it aims to use only recycled water. It has set up a goal to recycle 90% of its clothing by 2030 and is currently recycling around 50%.

7. Green Label Organics

Green Label Organics is a clothing brand that’s known for its 100% organic cotton. However, it’s a lot more than just a clothing brand. It has created a community of people that think about sustainable living and eco-friendly clothing. It has a blog, where it discusses different topics related to sustainable living and offers a wide variety of eco-friendly advice. The company has made a commitment to sourcing as many organic materials as possible by working with suppliers that are certified by the USDA. It also tries to minimise the carbon footprint of its production process by producing its clothing in a factory that uses 100% renewable energy.

8. Helmut Lang

Austrian fashion house Helmut Lang is a leader in the sustainable fashion industry. It has made many bold moves towards becoming an eco-friendly fashion brand, such as creating its own closed-loop supply chain where all of its waste would be recycled or reappropriated into its next collection. The fashion house also uses organic fabrics and eco-friendly dyes in its clothing. Helmut Lang has also partnered with Parley for the Oceans, which aims to clean the oceans and reduce the amount of plastic that is polluting our oceans. This collaboration has resulted in limited-edition garments made from recycled ocean plastic.

9. Adidas

It’s no secret that Adidas is one of the most eco-friendly athletic brands out there. The company has taken many steps towards becoming more sustainable, including reducing its water and CO2 emissions, reducing its waste, and using recycled materials in its clothing. The brand has also made a commitment to only using sustainable materials in its entire product line. This includes its apparel, footwear, and sports equipment. It’s taken a holistic approach to sustainability and has made big moves towards becoming 100% sustainable. This means that it’s aiming to reduce or eliminate its negative impact on the planet.

10. Eco-friendly Levi’s

Everyone knows that Levi’s holds the title of the oldest jeans brand in the world. It’s a globally recognized brand that has long been associated with the word “jeans.” What many people don’t know is that Levi’s has been making an effort towards becoming more eco-friendly. In 2011, the company launched its Water > Waste campaign, which aimed to reduce and recycle water and wastewater in its supply chain. This made Levi’s the first apparel and footwear company to use 100% recycled water in its manufacturing process.


Sustainable fashion is a growing and important movement in the fashion industry. It’s important that we think about the impact that our clothing has on the environment and how we can reduce this impact. Sustainable fashion is about reducing the amount of water, chemicals, and energy that is used to create our clothing. It’s also about making sure that the materials that are used are eco-friendly and can be recycled or reappropriated once they are no longer wearable. Sustainable fashion also means that designers take into account the working conditions of the people who make their clothing.

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