12 makeup bag must haves - every girl needs

12 Makeup Bag Must Have Every Girl Needs

When we all go out, we women need our bags first! Most people might be wondering what does that bag contain? And it is an important question. A lot of thought is put behind what all I need and what all won’t make it to the bag. Duh, the bag only has limited space.

When we go out, we don’t really know what is the next event or when can our plan change. We need to be prepared for all the possibilities, the best and the worst. 

First and foremost what we all need is



Even though we have lipstick put on already, just for touch-ups we still need it in our bag. Lipstick brightens our faces as well as highlights our lips. When we want to attract someone, putting on our best lipstick shade is very important. Most importantly, a red shade of lipstick is what we all need. A shade that matches our skin tone, as well as our vibe, must be known to us. When we are simply going out to eat with our friends, we can just apply a nude shade. Just a suggestion – always take an extra shade. We never know when our friends want to go partying.


Kajal gives life to our eyes. Putting on kajal not only makes our eyes appear beautiful but also gives them a freshened look. Kajal is a part of our life since we were a child. Yes, it did irritate our eyes then, but look at it now. There are different ways of putting on kajal. Sometimes the way we apply it can make our eyes appear small, and sometimes it can make them seem big. We can very much control how our eyes look. Isn’t that great? 


If we had to prioritise which makeup product should be in our bags, mascara would most definitely top it. Mascara gives your lashes some weight. It brings more notice to them. It not only highlights our lashes, but it also makes them seem a little longer. Mostly, longer lashes and big eyes are considered very beautiful. Once we put on kajal and mascara, the look on our eyes is finished. We don’t even require eye shadow, although it would be great to put on some of it too. 

Eyebrow pencil

We don’t always admire our eyebrows, sometimes it can mess up our entire look. Until and unless we are not confident with our eyebrows, we won’t even go out of our houses. Yes, that’s very true. Eyebrow pencil helps us give our eyebrows a complete shape. Not everyone has a perfect shape, there is always something that feels missing and this pencil just makes it right. So yes, we most definitely need it in our bag. 

Eye shadow palette 

Most of us naturally have a varying shade under and over our eyes, which is naturally attractive. Some of us don’t even need eyeshadow, however, eye shadow gives our face a glam look. It adds dimension to our eyes. Even in eye shadow, we can apply nude shadows, bright eye shadows, shimmery eye shadows, or smoky eye shadows. These days smoky eye shadows are in trend. Especially when we have to go to parties, smoky eye is what most of us prefer. Having a natural look is still what would be preferred the most, no matter what other looks are in trend. Eye shadow gives variation and colour to our eyes and face. That is what is attractive. 


Eyeliner is one of those makeup products that can go without any other product. We can just put on our black liner and go out. That look could be used while we go to our office, school, or college. These days eyeliner is available in so many different colours. Blue is one of the most popular colour. It gives it a shiny texture and looks, which catches everyone else’s attention. However, brown and golden are very popular too. But we can choose our eyeliner colour based on what suits us the best. Although there are so many colours and variants available, black is still the classy choice. Eyeliner and mascara as a combination on our eyes will give it such a hot look. Mascara with liner will complete our look.


A highlighter is what will highlight our face, duh! Highlighter can make our faces glow like a star. We can go with a glow that looks natural, or something that may be a little too much, but who cares, we are our own judge. It emphasises a certain area and brings attention to that part of our face. Some of the areas that we can highlight are our cheekbones, inner corners of our eyes, our nose, and our forehead. Deciding where to apply the highlighter should be very strategic as well as we should know what part we want to highlight. 


There are way too many types of foundations that exist these days. We need to know our fit, based on our skin type and skin colour. Finding the best foundation is crucial, as it needs to blend well with our skin and become our second skin. Highlighter needs to camouflage our skin, therefore we can’t just put on any of the shades. It must be similar to our skin tone so that the blend looks natural. We should only put foundation where is it actually needed, instead of just putting it all over our face. It is suggested that we start applying it from the centre of our face. Another key area where we can apply the foundation is around our mouth, as it may have yellow undertones. We can use a foundation brush, a beauty blender, or our fingers to blend the foundation well onto our skin. A powder highlighter isn’t suggested as it may sometimes give a fake look. Therefore having it with you may be useful anytime. 


Concealer conceals all the flaws that we may have on our skin. Covering up the blemishes,  can give a glow to our skin and make it seem flawless. Especially if we are out with our friends and need to look picture perfect, we need our concealer handy. It marks our skin even toned and perfect. When we get a concealer, we need to assure that it is lightweight. We should put on concealer only where it is needed, such as our pimples, or spots around our eyes, nose, and mouth. These days all these cameras can spot every spot on our face, therefore it is a must that we get it covered.  

Setting powder

Setting powder is used after the makeup is done. We should buff it in small circles on our faces lightly using a brush. We should use it after using concealer and foundation. It is an invisible step in the entire process. It sets the makeup and keeps it in place. Once we have applied the setting powder, we should give it ten minutes to set on our skin and let it sink in with the heat on our face.                          

Setting spray

Setting spray is very easy to use. After we are done applying our makeup, we can immediately spray it on our face. It is better than the setting powder as it has an immediate effect. The setting spray absorbs all of the excess oils on our face and gives it a matte look. After just a few spritzes of the spray on our face, there won’t be any more smudges or creases. 

Makeup remover

When we apply makeup, we definitely have to remove it too. We may be home or out, there may be sudden instances where we need to remove our makeup or a part of it. There may be smudges or creases which we need to get rid of. We need our makeup remover with us at all times. Especially before we go to bed, we need to clean our face and let it be natural after so many chemicals have been on it. Our skin does need a break from all of the makeup. Sometimes at sudden moments, we may have irritation in our skin and makeup remover is the very thing we need at that moment. 

We women are taught from a young age that we must be attractive in order to succeed in everything, from dating to job interviews to becoming friends with other popular females, and the reason for this is not totally cultural. According to the Association for Psychological Science, attractive people are treated more favourably in every aspect of life, including dating, employment, and legal proceedings. This may not be fair. To look attractive we sometimes have to opt for these makeup products so that we seem flawless to the world. However, some of us put on makeup to feel more like ourselves and bolder, we choose makeup based on various personal factors. The makeup products that we have picked and listed are the essentials. Some of the makeup items are very simple and we can use them on a daily basis, whilst the others could be used on a day-to-day basis or it could be used occasionally. 


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