Dos and Don'ts for Hair

Dos and Don’ts for Hair | Glam Your Beauty

Growing healthy hair takes time, which means you won’t wake up with a thick head of hair no matter how much money you spend on hair care products or salon treatments.

There are, however, some things you can do in a month to improve the appearance of your hair and make it stronger and healthier.

Follow this simple approach to keep your hair looking great every day. These dos and don’ts can keep your hair looking great and in style.

Dos and Don'ts for Hair


  1. Do wash your hair on a consistent basis. A healthy scalp is promoted by a clean scalp, which offers the greatest environment for hair development. Shampoo once a day to three times a week, depending on your hair’s demands. You can wash your hair twice or thrice a week based on your hair type. 
  2. Condition your hair after every wash. This will result in your hair being smooth and silkier. It’s a moisturising process that makes your hair softer. Those who colour their hair should use a conditioner to prevent fading.
  3. Do trim your hair every once in a while. When you notice that your hair is getting damaged or is getting split ends, you can cut your hair. It would also support hair growth.
  4. Make an investment in a nice haircut. When you have a fantastic ‘wash and wear style, caring for your locks becomes so much easier.
  5. Use the right products to wash your hair. Oily hair benefits from regular washing with a purifying, oil-regulating shampoo, whereas dry hair demands a moisture-drenching shampoo.
  6. Take care of your nutrition. It will directly reflect on the quality of your hair. Having protein-rich foods such as sprouts, dry fruits, and nuts is important for your hair growth and thickness. Drink a lot of water as well as have seasonal fruits. 


  1. Don’t let your hair go for more than three days without being washed. You’ll have excessive oil accumulation on your scalp, which clogs the follicles and can cause flaking, irritation, and redness, as well as hair that’s difficult to manage.
  2. DO NOT OVERUSE SHAMPOO. Whatever shampoo you choose, a penny or nickel-sized quantity is all you need to fully cleanse.
  3. Do not be too aggressive. Begin by applying shampoo to your head and working it in. Washing only the bottom or centre of the strand will result in matting or tangling. To cleanse, lightly rake your fingers through the length of your hair. “Gently” is the crucial word here.
  4. Do not use conditioners containing silicones or parabens. They temporarily cover the hair, weighing it down. Silicones can also absorb air pollution, causing hair to lose shine faster.
  5. Do not use your hairdryer to force your hair to dry quicker or straighter. This causes the hair shaft to expand and the outside layers to coil up, giving your hair a frizzy appearance.
  6. Too-tight ponytails or braids are another hair-care nightmare. Hair damage can occur when hair accessories are worn excessively tightly, causing strands to rupture and break. All of this can be avoided with proper at-home hair care. Traction alopecia, or permanent hair loss caused by persistent pulling on the hair follicle, can occur. Men who use hairpieces in the same spot for an extended period of time may suffer from irreparable hair loss.

Hair maintenance must be performed on a daily basis. You cannot simply decide that today is a haircare day. This requires effort and must become a habit. The MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO is to stick to your hair care routine at all times.

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