make product every girl should have

Make Product Every Girl Should Have

Wherever you go these days, you need to be picture ready! You very well know what I mean to say by this – you need your makeup. Just because I am calling it makeup doesn’t mean it has to be loaded with creams and cover-up spots and pimples. Not everyone puts on makeup to hide their blemishes, some just put it on to get an extra glow. Makeup can also hold a deeper meaning to a woman. It could mean, a change not just in the physical appearance, but also mentally. You may feel different based on the different looks that you get from putting on makeup. How much makeup you put on is your call! And talk about how much makeup, it is also important to consider how expensive makeup can get. What does makeup mean to you?

Knowing what you really want the makeup to do is the priority! You need to know if your focus is on your eyes, lips or cheeks, etc. Then knowing what kind of skin you have and what is suitable for your skin and what will blend in the most. For makeup to suit you and look natural on you, it should blend well with your skin. For that, the quality of your makeup products matters a lot. 

So is makeup necessary seasoning, a conniving ploy by artful sexpots, or neither? raise a gaggle of ladies about why they wear makeup and you’ll receive limitless responses. Some can say it makes them feel a lot assured, that they don’t feel fully “done” while not it; others can say they love experimenting with appearance and colors as how of expressing themselves, that there’s a fun, theatrical part to face paint that permits them to channel completely different personalities and aesthetics.

Let’s try to understand why women wear makeup in the first place:


When you are sometimes insecure about your looks and want to regain your confidence it helps to camouflage the flaws that you may find on your face. 


You want to be noticed! Being able to attract the others around you, is what most women want, you can’t deny that. Many women use makeup to appear bolder, and more sociable to the others around them.

Although the reasons mentioned above can be very subjective, most women claim that they apply makeup for themselves. They don’t need to attract the others around them simply by their looks. They have their skill set for that, so saying women want to hide their blemishes and just to attract others can be degrading. Makeup can be different for different women. Some of you would just want to be creative and playful with your makeup, while others want to bring about to bold look. Some want to keep it simple and bring a glow to your face. 

Some of the most important makeup products that you should own are:

Face mist

At first, you may think that this is just a watery substance, which it is. It may seem refreshing to your face. A face mist mostly comes in the spray bottle. Face miss can literally be used anytime! It could be used under the makeup or over the makeup. It could be used in between your skincare steps too! 

How do you know whether it’s a face mist or thermal water? Thermal water is also a type of face mist that is pure water. It contains higher mineral content than the regular water we use. Face mist contains other additional ingredients such as humectant and emollient.

Toner vs Face mist

Toner is used after you wash your face to clean your face and before you apply your moisturiser. Hydrating toners are also becoming very popular for hydrating your skin. They are used in the place of a face mist. 

Face mist vs essence

Essence is also used as a face mist. It provides a thick layer if applied before your moisturiser. Whereas, the mist is very light and hydrating at the same time. It usually has a higher content of water. Face mist could be used at any point in time, whilst essence can’t be.

Face mist vs setting spray

Setting spray in itself is makeup. It is used to set the makeup so that the makeup stays in place and doesn’t get spoiled. The setting spray will help lock your makeup look. While face mist gives you a more natural look and is more skin friendly. 


Kohl is one of the easiest products to apply, you just glide it along the top and bottom waterline. Although kohl is available in many colours these days, black is still the classy choice. Kohl or kajal becomes a part of your life since your childhood. By putting on kajal your eyes are highlighted. Did you know that just kajal is enough to create various looks in your eyes? 

You can apply kajal just on your lower waterline, that’s the simplest look out of all. Now if you had to experiment more, you could as well apply it to the upper waterline as well. That will give it a finished look. Also putting it on your lashes in the end and smudging it right below your eyes also gives a glam look to your eyes! This way you can get a beautiful eye makeup look just using kohl. The smudging could be done with your fingers or using a brush. To add more creativity you could use colour. Yes, as you may have seen various other people apply kajal in different shades such as brown or blue. You can figure out which shade matches you the best and experiment with it on your eyes too.

Kajal is one of those makeup products which doesn’t require you to use anything else. Just kohl is enough to brighten your face and give it a glow! When you know you couldn’t sleep well last night kajal is what will save you! 


You all love colour, don’t you? Lipstick is an essential part of our lives without it even being said. Lipstick highlights your lips. Finding your shade is the most important when it comes to applying lipstick! There are numerous shades and finding what suits your skin colour and your vibe is crucial. What you want to feel like after putting that shade is what matters! Lipstick makes your lips stand out. Lips are a sensual part of the body and putting on the lipstick makes you more attractive. 

A lipstick is not only used as lipstick but it is one of those products which could be used for everything! You could use your lipstick as a blush, you could use it as your eye shadow too, and you can use it to contour too! One lipstick and your entire makeup is taken care of. Isn’t that great?

It defines your lips and brightens your smile. When you put lipstick at work, it gives you a bold look. Lipstick can be applied for all occasions. Be it a day-to-day activity or a special event or a party. Normally, you could apply a nude shade, that way it won’t pop out and it gives a natural look. When you are going to a party or for a date – dark red or maroon is what most women will prefer. Bright colours help your face highlight and glow. You should have a range of lipstick from nude shades to brighter ones for multiple occasions. 

Makeup remover

When you put on makeup, you should also be ready with a makeup remover. As you put on makeup on your face, it is not the best idea to keep it for a very long time as most makeup products have a lot of harmful chemicals in them. If you have sensitive skin, then you must be extremely careful. Girls, never sleep with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are. You must have a makeup remover, as your skin must be cleansed before you go to your bed. Makeup removers are also helpful if you have done a mistake while applying your makeup. You don’t want to wash your face entirely and start all over again, hence, you need a makeup remover. 

These are the very basic makeup products that every girl should own. They are extremely affordable in the market too. You all need that glam look. From skin care using the face mist to makeup remover, all are basic essentials for a girl. Before you put on makeup, you should take care of your skin. Your skin must always feel hydrated and fresh by using face mist. It is very simple to use as well as has great benefits as mentioned above. Kajal and lipstick put together are the simplest makeup that you can put on. Come on, they’re the easiest to apply to. These two items give you a confident look that looks complete. At the end of the day, to feel back in your own skin you need to get rid of all this makeup. You need to feel natural too, sometimes. 


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