Trending Mehendi designs for weddings of 2022

Trending Mehendi designs for weddings of 2022

India is a country filled with diversity. There are various religions, ethnicities, cultures and traditions that are filled in this country. There are celebrations and festivals throughout the year.  When it comes to getting ready and looking your best during these times, dressing up is important. At the same time, Mehendi or henna is equally important mainly in women. When their hands are filled with the Mehendi, it gives them a complete look as well as glamour so that here we talk about trending mehndi designs 2022 that will help women in wedding session.

Mehendi is an art where henna is applied to your hands or feet. This ancient custom started in the Asian subcontinent. The Mughals had introduced Mehendi in India. Mehendi is a dye which is made from the Lawsonia inermis, the henna plant. Henna has a cooling effect on the body, therefore people initially started to apply henna on their skin for this cooling effect. 

Mehendi isi associated with positive spirits and good luck. It is applied on special occasions or events. In weddings Mehendi is applied to the bride so that she has good health and wealth as she is about to start a new journey after her marriage. 

Mehendi is also a custom right before marriage. It is a way of beautification of the bride so we come up with some looks for trending mehndi designs for bride. It is a pre-wedding event for the bride’s female friends and family members. In this event, the Mehendi is applied to the bride’s hands and feet as well as to the other women present in this event. As the Mehendi also has medicinal properties, as well as a cooling effect, it helps reduce the bride’s stress, headache, etc. It is a part of the “solah shringar” of a bride in the Hindu culture.

There are countless Mehendi designs from intricate and minute details to various other designs based on the particular occasion. Every country has its own style and uniqueness. Here are the various types of Mehendi designs that exist:

Indian Mehendi Design:

The Indian mehndi design varies from event to event, such as the regular mehndi design will be different from a bridal Mehendi. 

A bridal Mehendi will have bride-groom artwork, names, letters, and other related designs such as Kalash, and other relevant designs. It is also said that the darker the shade of the henna, the greater the love there is between the bride and the groom

One can apply Mehendi on various other incidents. Be it a cousin’s wedding or just a family function. Be it festivals celebrated throughout the country. Henna is a very crucial part of women’s makeup in India, in almost all of the religions and cultures followed here Mehendi is applied as a positive gesture. A simple mehndi design could be applied on any occasion and with the number of festivals in this country, Mehendi is very common in most of traditional families.

Earlier at least one woman in every family would know how to apply Mehendi, and she would be the one to apply it to the rest of the family members. These days, people specialise in Mehendi designs and these professionals have very high charges. 

Pakistani Mehendi Design:

Although it is very similar to the Indian designs, it still has its own style and distinctiveness. In a Pakistani Mehendi design what you will find a lot are domes, leaves, mandalas, mosque doors, etc. Even in Pakistani culture, the brides apply Mehendi a day or two prior to their wedding on their hands and feet. The designs here represent their culture and their religion too.

Arabic Mehendi Design: 

Arabic style in Mehendi is very popular and easiest to apply, hence it is one of the most popular styles that is preferred by the brides. It consists of geometric patterns as well as floral impressions, which gives it glam and makes it eye-catching.

Moroccan Mehendi: It is one of the contemporary designs which is unique as well as trendy. Some of the designs that it may contain are jaali designs or diamond shapes. In the Moroccan culture, it is believed that henna brings a symbol of good luck and it can guard the fortune against the ill through shapes and designs such as hamsa, or diamond shapes.

While traditional Mehendi styles are still in trend, nevertheless Arabic style is very popular contemporarily. Indo-Arabic is also favoured and accepted in India. Arabic Mehendi has its roots in Persia. It is most popular in Arab countries.

Mehendi had initially come into use in the warmer regions for its cooling effect on the body, nonetheless, it found its way into the vogue weddings. Marriages are common in every household and Mehendi is a heritage. Some brides love the look that a filled hand gives. Some only like minimal Mehendi, and Arabic style is compatible for both. 

Arabic Mehendi is less intricate compared to the Indian Mehendi style. Arabic Mehendi designs have details like leaves, vines, flowers, etc. This style focuses on the palm more than the rest, whereas the Indian style starts with the wrist. Arabic is a very free-flowing type of Mehendi. The designs are more spaced out, which makes the patterns and designs stand out.

Filled front hand: 

Trending mehndi designs for front hand looks complete and alluring . When all the designs are intricately drawn out on the palms, it gives it a finished look. Generally, Indian brides love a filled front hand with a combination of Indo-Arabic designs. 

Brides generally like to start the Mehendi from their arm and end it with their fingertips. Some like Mehendi beginning from their wrist, and like to keep it short and pretty.

In Indian culture, girls and ladies apply Mehendi on all special occasions. A married woman has to apply the Mehendi as a symbol of love towards her husband. 

Within India, the designs depend on various cultures, as well as the states and its heritage. Some people put a very simple front hand Mehendi, such as a coin shape in the centre of the palm and 

Back hand Mehendi:

When it comes to Mehendi and its styles, front-hand Mehendi is common, however, back-hand Mehendi is in fashion too here you can find top trending mehndi design 2022 for back hand. A back hand Mehendi could be from the wrist or it could be a full back arm Mehendi as well. It is also very attractive. 

Mehendi on the feet:

When we just look at it, it is so appealing and pretty. Leg Mehendi is very fancy, as we see the bride entering the stage or the hall, we see her lift her lehenga and walk, and she looks beautiful head to toe. Earlier, women didn’t pay much attention to the leg Mehendi, but these days it is a fad. Every bride cares about her beauty and during her wedding, Mehendi is one of the major parts. Starting from the design to the colour to the Mehendi brand everything is essential for the bride. 

Mehendi is important for most of the married as well as many unmarried women in the country. In most religions applying Mehendi is acceptable and considered a positive gesture. Some of the styles have very intricate and elaborate designs, which may just be good-looking or they may carry a deeper meaning. Some designs have a message which is conveyed through the various drawings. Some designs in the Indian bride’s palm would be the props which are used in the marriage or which are necessary in the marriage. Some may just have a drawing of the bride and groom itself, a symbol which represents their love or something which shows how they first met. 

Not only women, in some cultures men apply Mehendi on their palms too before their wedding. Mehndi design is simple and easy to use. Then the bride and groom compare the colour of their Mehendi and whoever’s darker is loved more by their other half. These days many men are becoming more accepting of this ritual and celebrate this tradition with joy with their families. 

When it comes to applying Mehendi, even though one person in the family has to apply it, at the end of the day the others will end up applying it too. This is because it gives a feeling of celebration and a new beginning. Also, for people who like simple designs or are not interested in applying Mehendi, they can apply it with the most minimal designs as well. Based on their comfort zone they can decide the design or the styles that they want. Moreover, henna on the feet is a very spiritual place as it connects the mind, body and spirit to the earth. 

Mehendi is one of the sixteen embellishments of a bride in the Hindu culture and a major part of every bride’s look. It could be applied on several occasions such as festivals, weddings, and celebrations. When a newly married woman even goes from her parents house to her in-laws house, she has to apply Mehendi. This tradition is considered very auspicious. For every married lady, Mehendi is a must at all major events. Only widows or those who have recently lost a family member don’t apply Mehendi. 

What is the most exciting for women are the latest trends in Mehendi. Mehndi design easy and beautiful for Brides to be used and find the blend of various styles more attractive such as the Indo-Arabic style or the Moroccan style. They may choose to experiment with a completely new blend of the different styles that already exist. 


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