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    Miss Harlequin: New York


    We’re excited to make you look and feel fabulous!

    Miss Harlequin is one of the areas go-to beauty companies when it comes to preparing clients for their wedding day. The owner, Lucy Flint, has a deep understanding of what it takes to make her guests feel confident and radiant on their special day.

    Lucy Harlequin’s journey in the beauty industry is a long and joyful adventure that continues to flourish today. After leaving London in 2010, Miss Harlequin began to take shape. Hard work and dedication earned the company award-winning status and earned their deserved recognition. After finding the perfect team of hair and makeup professionals, these experts are now at the forefront of pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

    Miss Harlequin specializes in creating unique, high-quality bridal looks for every client. From consultations about your vision through to the final product, Lucy and her team of artists help you shape your look into something all your own. They’ll customize a package just for you and give you one-on-one service from start to finish. The packages include hair styling and makeup as well as airbrush, contour, and much more.