Maybelline vs. Lakme

Maybelline vs. Lakme

Maybelline vs Lakme – All You Need To Know 2022 comparison, which is your favorite?

Find the complete info regarding price range, uses and the factors.

Maybelline versus Lakme is a contentious subject among beauty customers, particularly among Indians. It’s logical because both firms have a lot in common, leaving the viewer to decide whose product is the best. This article will examine the similarities and differences between the two brands and everything you need to know. By the conclusion of this post, you should be able to decide on the best brand for you.

Maybelline vs. Lakme

Origin of Maybelline and Lakme

Lakme is an Indian cosmetic brand founded in 1952 and has a rapidly rising fan following. Unilever CEO Anil Chopra owns the lovely brand. Lakme has around 1500 salons across the country. According to the Brand Trust Report, Lakme is the 47th most trusted cosmetics brand.

In 1915, T. L. William’s embarked on a quest to develop the Maybelline foundation for the greatest beauty and cosmetic goods. L’Oreal USA purchased the firm in 1996, and the company’s success has been unparalleled since then.

Marketing strategies

Maybelline has a diverse distribution network that includes supermarkets, specialised stores, cosmetic stores, hypermarkets, drugstores, and discount stores. In fact, when targeting consumers who cannot afford high-end cosmetic costs, discounts are an excellent marketing strategy for the business.

Lakme hosts a fashion week show in which the company communicates its ideals to the audience. The event is hosted twice in Mumbai, adding to the brand’s exposure. The brand’s portfolio is divided into sections, allowing for more targeted client options. Lakme’s enlightenment initiatives are a successful marketing approach. In their salons and on their websites, they teach visitors about body care and cleanliness. People in less civilised countries are becoming more interested in taking care of their bodies and looking beautiful.

Similarities between Maybelline and Lakme

Both Maybelline and Lakme are widely accessible in Indian retailers. They have central city stores as well as local stores. Maybelline vs Lakme products can be found next to each other in a store or outlet. This is why, before entering a beauty store, customers must pick which brand is most suited to them. With so many alternatives accessible, you may be perplexed about which one to select. For example, the mascaras from both brands, the Iconic and Colossal Kajal, are similar. Although Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal is darker, it is similar to several colours of the Iconic Kajal.

Customers may get comparable cosmetics from Maybelline and Lakme. This makes it more difficult for individuals to pick between the two items. The competition between the brands is fierce, and it is safe to say that they are fierce rivals in the cosmetics industry.

The major influencers


Maybelline and Lakme employ marketing programmes that are comparable to those used by other beauty companies. The usage of influencers and celebrities is part of this strategy. Their choice of influencers, however, differs between the two businesses. Shraddha Kapoor was used in a recent Lakme lip balm advertising, while Alia Bhatt was utilised by Maybelline, both of who are huge influences in the Bollywood business. The lip balms had the same straightforward impact on both women. Beauty researchers carefully selected influencers that corresponded to each lip balm hue.


Your everyday lifestyle is influenced by how you care for your body and cosmetics. If you are concerned about your skin, knowing the top two companies that provide superb cosmetics will be beneficial to you. Although the Maybelline vs Lakme comparison highlights several differences, beauty experts can provide recommendations and customised products. Also, don’t be fooled by Lakme’s slightly higher prices. Instead, pick items based on the advantages they provide.


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