Trending Sexy Blouse Designs

Trending Sexy Blouse Designs

Every woman wants to flaunt their back with the sexiest and the latest blouse designs. Everyone has the desire to be the first one with the most updated style when they go to an event or a party. Fancy designs give a blouse a stunning look. 

A blouse is generally a short piece of garment that is worn by women as a top. A blouse could be worn on a saree, lehenga, jeans, palazzo, skirts, and anything else that is appropriate. The most important part of a blouse is the neck of the blouse – both the front and the back.   

The style will differ due to many reasons:

  1. The place where one lives is an essential factor in the way they dress. Society and the people around do matter to some people. Either everyone will wear something similar to each other or a very small group of women will wear their unique style.
  2. The standard of living decides what blouse the women can wear and how much they can spend on purchasing or stitching the clothes. 
  3. Based on their lifestyle, women will choose different styles of blouse. Their opinion or their perspective matters a lot when it comes to choosing what to wear. Someone who is very preservative will wear something very different from 
  4. Their body type is also taken into consideration as to what kind of blouse they will wear. They will think about what style and what fabric suits them the most.
  5. The current trends in the fashion world affect the choices while dressing up. After seeing what the other women are wearing and the trending styles that are there, the others will choose to dress up accordingly for similar events.

Some of the styles for blouses are:

This is a backless blouse, which is tied from the back. It is the best option when one is going to a party and wants to flaunt her back. It could be worn for a saree, a lehenga, or a skirt. These kinds are very stylish as well as revealing. This design is also unique, where one can just tie the two knots, one at the top and one in the mid-back. This way the blouse has a balance and it can be carried well. In this type of a blouse, the highlighted part would be the back. The front could be a simple covered part or it could be a v neck. However, this type of a blouse won’t be worn on a casual day. Only on a certain event or a party will one see this blouse. Especially, during the occasion of Navratri, many women who wear lehenga-choli fancy this style of a blouse. Moreover, this back less style is very suitable for events like dandiya and garba, places filled with immense crowd.

A strapless blouse is very much in fashion these days. From bollywood actresses, models, influencers to commoners everyone is in awe with these types of blouses. These kinds are the most popular among the youth and in the tier 1 cities. In modern places and among modern people, this style is infamous. Strapless blouse could be worn with a saree, or a lehenga. They are very much in demand these days and are accepted by many. This type of a blouse can not only be worn with sarees and lehenga, but also with the western wear such as jeans and palazzos. 

Collared blouse

A collared blouse is fully covered from the front, however the back could be designed in various styles. The collar gives it a very respectful look. Many working women prefer wearing a blouse which is covered as it gives her figure a more defined look, as well as it is covered. One could see many teachers and lecturers wear this sort of a blouse. From the back, it could either be fully covered, which will give it a full coverage and it will not reveal the back, or there could be a cut from the back which will not only reveal some of the back but also feel more comfortable. Just because it is a collared blouse, doesn’t mean it is fully covered from all the dimensions. It could be sleeveless which could be worn at a party, or other events. The one with the short sleeves could be worn on a casual day. A collared blouse with long sleeves could be worn on for a family function or pooja.

Buttoned-back blouse


Although this is not the newest trend in the fashion world, this is still very popular among many women. In this blouse, what one can see are a blend of a few designs, such as a cut as well as the buttons are tied at the back. When the buttons are at the back, the front side of the blouse gives a well defined shape to your body as well as the back grabs people’s attention. Along with the buttoning style, the other designs can also be changed or tweaked a little. Although this could be somewhat tough to wear it by yourself. It could also be worn for a party or other family functions. 

Square neck blouse:

A square neck blouse is very much in trend. Tops in the same designs are chic too. Again as mentioned earlier, this design is the most popular among the youth. These blouse could be worn along with the traditional clothes as well as with the western wear. For instance, this would pair up very well with a jeans. In this design, the length of the sleeve could be varied too, for instance the width of the sleeve could be smaller, or it could have longer sleeves too. This neck gives a very fancy look. While you wear some necklace in your neck, this blouse with this square neck, will help it be noticed. It doesn’t have to have any other design on it, as the shape speaks for itself. It could be the same square shaped neck from the back too. It is a great blouse to flaunt your collar bone, shoulders as well as your back. With a saree, this blouse will look sexy. 

Deep V Neck

A deep V neck is one of the sexiest designs. The neckline and its appearance from the front are what people are going to notice at first. A deep neck has the power to turn those heads as you pass by. Even if the blouse were to have no other specific design, the deep neck would be enough to grab everyone’s attention as well as to make a woman confident. They are always in demand, and never out of fashion. 

Halter Neck 

This design looks slinky from the front as well as the back. This blouse style is perfect to slay the back, collar bone as well shoulders. It looks very glamorous from the front as well as the back. It also has the buttons at the back or it could be designed in a way where it has a knot to tie at the back.

Boat Neck

Boat necks are very fashionable. A boat neck design gives an illusion of a better posture and it tends to look very graceful compared to the other blouse designs. It has a wider neckline which ends just at the collar bone. As it has a round neck, it is very comfortable for women to wear it on multiple occasions. 

Knot Blouse

A back knotted blouse is very attractive. It can easily catch people’s attention with this unique style. It almost looks like it may be a dress or a frock, however it is still a blouse. With the knot at the back, the attention is directly brought to the back as well. It is a good option to wear at a party or some event.

Blouse designs can vary from place to place, occasion to occasion as well as time to time. A blouse and its designs complete the look of a saree. They are given as much or even more attention than the saree itself by many designers and models in the country. A blouse can give a traditional look as well as a modern and a western look. 

In India, women generally wear sarees at home, work, and multiple events. Although every event differs and what helps give it uniqueness every time are the variety of blouses and their designs. The blouse designs above not only have a variety in them, but also show the latest trend among people. These designs dug out are one of the sexiest blouse designs for numerous events. The most important part of any blouse is the neckline and the one wearing it can choose what kind of a neckline is the most appropriate for them. One can choose how the designs could be tweaked to make it their way and unique. These designs are Allurable and very seductive if and when worn at a party. Trends in blouses do get updated from time to time, nevertheless, some styles and designs never go out of fashion. Moreover, designs and the different kinds of blouses really do depend on the comfort of the person wearing them. Wearing the best and a suitable blouse is very essential for every woman as it will give her the right confidence. A blouse is not only a way to flaunt a woman’s body but also her saree. 


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