Trending Wedding Lehengas 2022

Trending Wedding Lehengas 2022

While the rest of the world is opting for minimalist wedding gowns, Indian brides are experimenting with their bridal looks. A wedding lehenga is most likely one of the major purchases in a woman’s life. It is much more than just a piece of clothing because emotions are attached to it. The bride’s lehenga is an important part of her life, not because the photos will take over her Instagram feed, but because she will begin a new phase in her life in this outfit.

As a result, it is best to select a lehenga at least a few months before the wedding. Here is a list of some of the most recent bridal trends for you to think about:

1. Sweeping Lehenga Trail

Wedding Lehengas

If you want a glam and grand look for your wedding, a trail lehenga is the best option. It is so simple yet stunning that any bride would be delighted to wear it on her wedding day.

2. White and Off-White Lehenga

White and Off-White Lehenga

When it comes to Indian weddings, we adore bridal lehengas in red, pink, and orange. However, as time passed, the traditions evolved, as did the mindset of those involved in weddings. White and off-white lehengas are currently popular wedding attire. Some couples have decided to colour coordinate and match their white wedding attire for their big day.

White bridal lehengas are beautiful and elegant, but they stand out the most because of their fancy elements. The white bridal lehenga has the power to rival the classic red and pink bridal lehengas.

3. Shimmery Lehenga

Shimmery Lehenga

Pastel and floral lehengas all seem to be popular, but wearing a shimmery lehenga is something truly unique. Whether you choose this shimmery lehenga for a cocktail party or your wedding day, this would look stunning.

4. Wine Color Pantone Lehenga

Wine Color Pantone Lehenga

It is a very warm and comforting colour that can be easily incorporated into our bridal outfits, especially for day functions. This dynamic colour can be worn for your wedding, Mehendi ceremony, or Roka ceremony.


The brides’ golden lehengas have a very rich and royal feel to them. They are one of the simplest to style with jewellery. It makes no difference whether the jewellery is traditional or modern because everything looks great with a golden lehenga.

5. Golden Lehenga

Golden Lehenga

The golden lehenga is a highly customizable outfit that a bride can wear from the mandap to the reception without changing. The glitter and shimmer of the gold bridal lehenga will make you look stunning.

6. A Line Lehenga

A Line Lehenga

There are many latest trends in bridal lehengas, such as asymmetrical hems and bodycon skirts, but one design that will never go out of style is the A-line lehenga, also known as the ‘Anarkali silhouette.’ It has always been popular, and now designers have created lehengas with sheer coverings, asymmetrical hems, and tee lengths.

This silhouette can also be customised by adding flare to the lehenga with a Cancan look or an umbrella cut while keeping the Anarkali look. Because of its timeless beauty, it is a traditional and beautiful style that has been accepted by many millennium brides.


So, if you’re a bride-to-be who likes to keep up with the latest trends, these lehengas will help you put your own spin on the classics. The most essential thing is to dress in a way that you feel comfortable in so that you can relish your special day.


Are Velvet Lehengas in trend?

Yes Velvet Lehengas have been in trend and they are one of the most beautiful lehengas for brides.

Why does a bride wear Red Lehenga in Hindus?

The red lehenga shows new beginnings and it’s the color of the goddess Durga.

Is Velvet lehenga a good option for summer?

A blend with the Velvet could be a good option. Velvet is most preferred in cooler weather.

What colors do you not wear at a wedding?

In an Indian wedding, a black outfit is a strict no-no!

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