15 Makeup hacks which will make your life easy

15 Makeup Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easy

You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting your makeup. There are several tiny tips you may employ to make applying makeup more easier and to ensure that you always get the desired appearance.

Here are the top 15 cosmetics tricks that can completely transform your life:

15 Makeup Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easy

1. Find an exact match for your foundation

The incorrect foundation colour may ruin your entire appearance. As a result, colour testing your base products such as foundation and concealer is critical. Color matching the appropriate hue for your skin tone is as simple as testing them on your face or neck. Typically, they test the hands or arms. Our arms, however, are a different colour than our faces and neck. So, experimenting on your face or neck can help you choose the finest shade for you.

2. The first step is to use a moisturiser

Before you begin applying makeup and primer and foundation, it is critical to moisturise your face. Moisturiser preps the skin for subsequent product application, resulting in a perfect base. It also prevents cracks, allowing your cosmetics to last longer. Applying moisturiser locks in moisture in your skin, making it seem luminous and plump, and helps to keep your makeup in place.

3. There will be no more lipstick stains

Smiling with lipstick-stained teeth is humiliating, not just for you but also for others. By puckering your lips, you may get rid of that unsightly lipstick stain. Insert your thumb inside your mouth and immediately take it out. This helps to remove lipstick from the inside of your lips before it gets to your teeth. You are now ready to grin and shine.

4. Boost the volume of your lashes

After you’ve applied mascara to your lashes, dust them with a little layer of loose powder. This hack quickly adds volume and thickness to your lashes. After that, add a little layer of mascara to your lashes and let your eyes speak for themselves.

5. Cover up the blemishes

Concealer is a fantastic cosmetic tool for concealing dark circles caused by a lack of sleep. You may simply get rid of your panda eyes if you use this easy approach. Instead of dotting concealer below your eyes, draw an upside-down triangle. This hack quickly brightens your under eyelids and attracts attention to them.

6. Make an Eyeliner Pencil into a Gel

Because it softens the eyeliner, it will be simpler to apply. Simply hold the eyeliner pencil tip over a flame for one second. Allow around 15 seconds for it to cool before applying.

7. Examine Your Makeup under Different Lighting

When applying makeup, you may not have the optimum lighting. Before you get into your automobile, double-check your cosmetics. The powerful outside light will assist you in seeing any areas you may have overlooked.

8. Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Instead of a base coat, use white glue (Elmer’s works nicely). Then apply two coats of your favourite glitter polish. When the time comes to remove the polish, it will simply peel off.

9. Leave out the Clear Base Coat.

Instead of a base coat, apply a coat of white nail paint. This will make the colour of your nails stand out more. It will still keep coloured polishes from staining your nails.

10. Make your eyes appear wider

Instead of sweeping your mascara upwards, sweep it towards your nose. This will make the lashes appear thicker. It will also make your eyes appear larger.

11. Perfume Application Techniques

Don’t spray perfume on yourself. You will first smell like a perfume factory, but this will fade and you will not smell anything. Instead, use it on your pulse points (the insides of your wrists, inner elbows, behind your earlobes and knees)

12. Make the Most of Your Liquid Makeup

Don’t toss away cosmetics tubes simply because they appear to be empty. Scoop the cosmetics into plastic pots after cutting them apart. This is an excellent method for saving money on cosmetics.

13. Using a Spoon, Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner

You simply need one ordinary household object to achieve that coveted winged effect: a spoon. Begin your eyeliner application as you would for a cat eye, then push the rounded side of the spoon on your eyelid and slide the spoon outwards to produce the winged appearance.

14. Mascara Brushes Can Be Reused

Sometimes you come upon a mascara brush that you really like. When the mascara is gone, you don’t have to toss it away. Remove it and use it with different types of mascara.

15. Simple Smoky Eye Makeup

Draw a slanted hashtag in the outer corner of each eye with your eyeliner. Blend it in with your other eye makeup. You can achieve that smokey effect without putting forth a lot of effort.

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